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Capturing and Preserving your Family's Special Moments in Israel

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Crafting timeless memories of

Your Family, Your Story, Your Vision

If you’re looking for a family / event photographer, you’re in the right place!

Now serving the Bet Shemesh area in Israel, I’m aiming to deliver fun, vibrant imagery,  conveying all the excitement of your family’s special day.

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Hey There, I'm Michael - Nice To Meet You!

I’m your family portrait / event photographer, based in the Bet Shemesh area, here in Israel.

Photography may be my profession, but preserving your family’s most important moments is what I do.

My goal is to deliver a product that is not just pretty for social media, but also conveys the emotions felt on your family’s special day. A picture that your kids can pull out years later, and say “Hey, that was a great time…”

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